Wednesday, January 15, 2014

[Lady Luck] @ The boobies show

Hi everyone!

[SHUSH] is rebranding and will be now called [Lady Luck]. I needed a little change, after 5 years of SHUSH being my baby. It is now time to start with a little bit of spice and kick 2014!

So here's my first release under this new name brand :

Dilemma top
Available only at The boobies show at the moment!

This top is available at 125L and comes with the tango applier and mesh unrigged chains that goes front and back. The chains comes in silver, black and gold so you can make it fit with your mood or your other accessories. The chains comes in manual edit or resizing script versions. Many choices of colors available!

The boobies show

Avy Fhang ♥

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