Friday, March 1, 2013

Whore Couture Fair 2! The Whore is Back!

Hi lovelies!

I know I've been more then neglecting you and my store lately, but I worked hard to give you some new stuff for the Whore Couture fair 2 and I came up with not 1.. not 2 ... but 4 new releases for this event!

So without waiting much longuer here are the new whorish items from [SHUSH]


Tango Dress you will find right at the entrance of my small shop :

Step 1 : Choose the color of Mesh Corset you like (99L)

Step 2 : You can decide to wear only the corset and skirt and match it with your favorite top or pasties or
you can buy a Lace top the color your choice. (49L)

Step 3 : Make sure you wear your Lola Tango Breast to go with the lace top because this one can't be wear without the famous add-ons boobies.

You have a full outfit and 3 seperate pieces of clothing that you can mix and match all you want!

Here is your selection of colors


This oversized Shirt was made specially for Whore Couture Fair as well. I made standard colors as well as some special designs for the event. You can wear the Full Mesh with or without the Lola appliers (125L).

Here's your choice of colors


This dress skirt is mesh, but the top part is made of textures and includes Lola Appliers. You can most definately wear it with or without the Breast. (125L).

Your choice of colors :


Sexy Capri is Full Mesh and comes in a variety of different colors. You can match them with the twisted tops (see pictures above) or wear them with your favorite finds at the Whore couture fair. (125L)

Your choice of colors :


This top is exclusively made of textures, but it's perfect to wear with the Sexy Capri or even with another bottom of your choice. Enjoy it's different shiny colors, for a taste of Summer a little early. (99L).

Your choice of colors :

The Whore couture Fair is hosted on two sims this year (Yes!!! Its even bigger !!)

Shush is located number 23 on the Sim Plan, on Borderlands sim :

Also!! Take notes that SHUSH has moved to a new location. I sized down the store but in my opinion it's more clean and it's more me. I'm working on placing old items on marketplace (a pain...) so it should all be there soon. After the Fair, the Whore Couture items will be set up in store.

Update your slurls and Landmarks!

Avy Fhang ♥