Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Power of 3 sim wide hunt!

Happy birthday Amercian Bazaar! For this occasion, my great friend missqwerty put up a sim wide hunt for you her customers. We are all happy to participate and celebrate with her and to tell you all thank you for your continuing support!

Je t'aime skirt will be available for free somewhere on the sim between septembre 7th and 21st. Visit for more details!

 I also made a couple of different funny colors for this dress. Those are available for sale at 99L each at the mainstore

Avy Fhang

Thursday, September 5, 2013

[SHUSH] @ She & Him event

Hi everyone!

I'm very proud to introduce my newess items, called Angelwings. It is wedge boots, suede like pattern with two versions - Classic and Leo - on the sole. I made about 9 colors for this events. Each pair is sold 249L. I promise to make more version once the event is finished, for my mainstore.

 Here's a preview of what the two versions looks like. To see all the color choices, visit She & Him.

Avy Fhang ♥

Saturday, August 24, 2013

[SHUSH] @ The 24 event and The boobies show!

Hi everyone!

I'm participating at 2 events this week. The 24 started yesterday and The boobies show open it's doors today.

THE 24

The whatever outfit comes with the top, the black leggins and the knuckle purse in leopard pattern and it is a limited edition! Only 100 copies available after it's gone! So check it out today before it's too late.

I also made another version of the whatever top with a different pattern and colors. It's also available at the 24.

Also check out 4 full sims with 24 womanswear, menwear, home and poses designers! My store is located in the pink section.

The gacha is 40L to play. Good luck with your picks and have fun!

Your taxi to the 24 event


I also made crop tops and mesh camo skirt for the boobies show event. Each items is 99L and there are plenty of colors to play with. So check it out as it opens today (august, 24, 2013) at 11am slt.

Your taxi to the boobies show

Avy Fhang

Sunday, August 4, 2013

[SHUSH] @ She & Him new round!

Hi dears!

Here is my newess release for She & Him event.

Hope you all enjoy!

Your taxi to She & Him

Avy Fhang ♥

Saturday, July 20, 2013

[SHUSH] @ The boobies show

HI everyone!

Here's my new release for the boobies show.

Stripes outfit (6 colors, 125L for the whole set)

Including :

bow tie with studs (mesh unrigged with resizer script)
mesh skirt (standard sizing)
top with applier (all layers)

Your taxi to the boobies show

Avy Fhang

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

[SHUSH] @ She & Him monthly event

I'm thrilled to present you my item for She & Him monthly event.

Azura dress (125L)

This dress comes in basic pastel colors or in prism design. Both are available at She & Him event. The event starts july 5th, with tons of Designers offering you new releases specially for this event :

► 1 Hundred [women apparel]
► 7 Deadly s{K}ins [women body enhancement]
► American Bazaar [women apparel]
► Ariskea [women apparel]
► Avale [women apparel]
► Belissima [women & men body enhancement]
► Blah. [unisex accessories]
► Body Factory [men body enhancement]
► BOSS [unisex body enhancement]
► Bubble Electric [women apparel]
► Captivity Co. Poses [women poses]
► Chandelle Design [women apparel]
► Cheeky [women apparel]
► Corvus [women apparel]
► Crash Republic [women apparel]
► Demise of Flight [women & men poses]
► Essences [women body enhancement]
► Holli Pocket [women apparel]
► Hostyle Shapes & Poses [men body enhancement]
► Identity Body Shop [women, men & unisex body enhanc]
► Kenvie [men apparel]
► Le fil cassé [women apparel]
► Le Poppycock [women poses]
► Legal Insanity [women & men apparel & accessories]
► Loulou & Co [women apparel & accessories]
► LUXE [men apparel]
► Markelshapes [women & men body enhancement]
► MoDANNA [women apparel]
► Modish [women body enhancement]
► Mousey [women apparel]
► Nerd Monkey [women & men apparel]
► Orage Creations [women apparel & accessories]
► Outrage reloaded [women apparel]
► Panda Punx [women body enhancement]
► Paper.Doll [women apparel]
► Paperbag [women apparel & accessories]
► PatchWork Heart [women apparel]
► Pink Acid [women & men apparel]
► Pose+ivity [women poses]
► Pure Poison [women & unisex apparel & accessories]
► Purple Poses [women & men, unisex poses]
► Razor [men apparel]
► R3VOLT [women & men apparel]
► Reila Skins [men & women apparel & accessories]
► ROM [women & men apparel]
► Ryvolter [women apparel]
► Saal Body Inc. [women, men & unisex body enhanc]
► Sabotage [women & men, unisex apparel & accessories]
► Sassy [women apparel]
► Scrub [women accessories]
► Sheep Door [unisex apparel]
► SHOCK Factory [women & unisex accessories]
► Shush [women apparel]
► Tableau Vivant [men & unisex poses]
► trs [women apparel]
► Unorthodox Animations [women, men, unisex poses]
► UtopiaH [women & men accessories]
► Vershe [women accessories]
► Vision [women apparel]
► Whatever [women apparel]
► Zentro [women & men, unisex body enhancement]

Try demo before buying

Avy Fhang ♥

Thursday, June 20, 2013

[SHUSH] @The boobie show

Hi everyone!

I'm participating for the first time at the boobie show! I really became quite fond of my lola tango and it's really fun to create for them. Anyway, here's my release for this event.

The event will open june 21st at 11am slt.

Candy Shop outfit (125L)

Comes with :
1) Ribbon cross top made with seperate part and in sheer and non sheer versions. You can mix the colors or wear just the bandeau or cross ribbon top as you wish (make sure you wear the right layer version for the lola applier).

2) Mesh skirt that comes in standard sizing. Make sure you try demo before buying.

Your taxi to the boobie show

Avy Fhang

Saturday, June 8, 2013

[SHUSH] @ Thrift shop

I have a new release from the thrift shop. It is the night out dress! It's set at 60L for now (50% off the regular price in store).

Also, you can find SHUSH gacha and for 35L get one of those gas mask!

Also, check out the maxi bohemian mesh dress, the Famous tshirt and mesh shorts that are at 50% off only at the thrift shop!

Your taxi to the thrift shop

Avy Fhang

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Whore couture monthly Event *june 2013*

Hi dear!

I'm proud to present my new outfit for Whore couture monthly edition. The outfit comes with a skirt and corset with Lola applier included (125L). Try skirt demo before buying!

Your taxi to Whore Couture monthly event

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[SHUSH] @ Whore couture - Monthly event

I'm in this round of Whore couture - monthly event and I made the Harness dress (mesh) with tango appliers! This dress is available in standard sizing and is only 99L. Go get it because it won't last!!

Whore Couture - Monthly edition

[SHUSH] is going bust!

The other day I had the pleasure to meet with the owners of the Cleavage sim and they found me a spot on their sim. So since last week, SHUSH has a mini satellite store featuring all clothes with appliers.

They are running a bi-monthly event on the sim, which is called Going bust. If you like breast appliers, this is the place to go!

I made the Squish outfit specially for this event so check it out! (100L for top and skirt)

Enjoy your shopping at Cleavage sim and have fun!

Avy Fhang

Saturday, April 6, 2013

[SHUSH] New Release @ mainstore!

New release at [SHUSH] is called the Maxi bohemian dress. The dress is mesh and comes in standard sizing. It also come with a unrigged mesh belt that you can resize to your need. You can choose to wear it with or without the belt. It's up to you.

Dress is 125L at the store.

Don't forget to try a demo before buying!

Taxi to the mainstore

[SHUSH] @ the whore couture monthly event

Hi lovelies!

I'm participating in the very first round of Whore Couture monthly event. This event broadcast a set of designers that offers you more of the whorish couture fashion!!

For the occasion, I made a tied-up top in cheetah material and a Mesh Neon skirt that comes in various type of colors.

I decided to go for neon since spring is knocking at our door and we like a little bit of color in our wardrobe!

Check these out at the event!
 Taxi to whore couture monthly event

Avy Fhang

Friday, March 1, 2013

Whore Couture Fair 2! The Whore is Back!

Hi lovelies!

I know I've been more then neglecting you and my store lately, but I worked hard to give you some new stuff for the Whore Couture fair 2 and I came up with not 1.. not 2 ... but 4 new releases for this event!

So without waiting much longuer here are the new whorish items from [SHUSH]


Tango Dress you will find right at the entrance of my small shop :

Step 1 : Choose the color of Mesh Corset you like (99L)

Step 2 : You can decide to wear only the corset and skirt and match it with your favorite top or pasties or
you can buy a Lace top the color your choice. (49L)

Step 3 : Make sure you wear your Lola Tango Breast to go with the lace top because this one can't be wear without the famous add-ons boobies.

You have a full outfit and 3 seperate pieces of clothing that you can mix and match all you want!

Here is your selection of colors


This oversized Shirt was made specially for Whore Couture Fair as well. I made standard colors as well as some special designs for the event. You can wear the Full Mesh with or without the Lola appliers (125L).

Here's your choice of colors


This dress skirt is mesh, but the top part is made of textures and includes Lola Appliers. You can most definately wear it with or without the Breast. (125L).

Your choice of colors :


Sexy Capri is Full Mesh and comes in a variety of different colors. You can match them with the twisted tops (see pictures above) or wear them with your favorite finds at the Whore couture fair. (125L)

Your choice of colors :


This top is exclusively made of textures, but it's perfect to wear with the Sexy Capri or even with another bottom of your choice. Enjoy it's different shiny colors, for a taste of Summer a little early. (99L).

Your choice of colors :

The Whore couture Fair is hosted on two sims this year (Yes!!! Its even bigger !!)

Shush is located number 23 on the Sim Plan, on Borderlands sim :

Also!! Take notes that SHUSH has moved to a new location. I sized down the store but in my opinion it's more clean and it's more me. I'm working on placing old items on marketplace (a pain...) so it should all be there soon. After the Fair, the Whore Couture items will be set up in store.

Update your slurls and Landmarks!

Avy Fhang ♥