Saturday, February 18, 2012

[Shush] @ Chic Event

 Back to Black Chic Event!
Running Feb 11 - 29 

[Shush] is currently participating in the Chic event for the month of February :)
this event is to bring mental health awareness :) 

Our Word:                            Endurance
Our Item:


Group Gift

Hey girls! group gift was sent out this week :D
its valentines day heart MESH leg warmers :D
comes with the legging but can also be worn without
hope you all enjoy and had a great valentines day :D:D

Saturday, February 4, 2012

[S] Vera dress MESH

Hey ladies! Shush is currently coming out with a line of MESH items and first up!
Vera Dress
this dress is classy yet sexy, with a huge option of colors :D
Only 150L !!
there is a demo available so be sure to get your hands on that to try this baby on!

&& if your not interested in moving, ill even post the links for marketplace ;)

[Shush] Mainstore

Dress Demo

Dresses on MP