Sunday, January 22, 2012

[Shush] @ Valentine Market !

Welcome all to the Valentine Market @ the Paradisis Sim!

 [Shush] is currently featured here in one of these adorable little huts, where you can find all your valentine needs :) We have all the perfect valentine colors, wither your going with the traditional red or pink, or angelic white.. or maybe you want to tone down the girl colors with some purple and blues :) We got you covered!

One of the main things we have at this market is our new lingerie, its called Sexy Valentine Lingerie and only 125L for a set! 

 colors available:

another new item that can *only* be found at the valentine market is the Valentine Nohm Gatcha!
only 10l per game and you can collect all 10 of these adorable heart candy mouth attachments :D

This market is running from January 22nd to February 15th, so get their while you can!

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Valentine Market
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

FTLO Millennium..(Hunt)!

As all you hunters are probably familiar with, [Shush] is in the FTLO Millennium Hunt :D
This hunt starts tomorrow, January 5th, and items will be hidden in an existing item (so you really have to hunt!)
care to see what fabulous gift youll be getting from us?
welp, consider this a sneak peak ..

Happy Hunting :)

[Shush] LM

[S] Suki Skirt

Well Ladies, winter is upon us and the temperatures are dropping!
want to stay warm and still look great?
Check out our new Suki Skirt! Its available in 5 different colors/patterns and guaranteed to keep you hot ;)

Check out all these fabulous skirts [Here]


Monday, January 2, 2012

Whatever Hunt!

[Shush] is participating in the Fashion Freaks: Whatever Hunt :D
curious to see what the gift is?
wanna grab it?

click and TP! >> [SHUSH]

You and Me Hunt

Hey Everyone :)
[Shush] is currently participating in the You & Me Hunt!
All items are related to best friends / parent-child.

 Shush's item is the best friends bodysuit :)

But be quick! It's running from January 1st to the 15th!

>>    [SHUSH]