Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Swag Fest goodie! @ [SHUSH]

Another Swag Fest exclusive from SHUSH. The stud mesh shorts paired with the Famous tees. They both are 99L each and comes in different patterns, colors and graphics. Have fun mixing them up! Only at the Swag Fest during October! Dont forget Swag Fest sim open october 1st 2012!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

[SHUSH] @ Swag Fest starting october 1st

Hi all!

I made a new Mesh Zipper dress as an exclusive for the Swag Fest Fair starting October 1st. Dress is 125L and you can try Demo at the Swag Fest. Hope you enjoy!

Make sure to to go check that amazing sim full of awesome designers and built by Fanatik.

Picture Credits to Glitch Grantham.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fashion Vooodooo

Starting August 10th, this Fair is presented by the Depraved Nation and is presenting a lot of designers to give you the best new fashion!

For this occasion, I have two new MESH items 

Mesh Skinny Jeans

Those are available in 4 different colors and comes in 5 standard sizes (XS - XL). Try demo before buying please. They are exclusive of the voodoo fair.

Also, the party Zebra dress is another exclusive of the voodoo Fair. I have 5 different colors for you and all comes in standard size (XS to XXL). Please make sure to try demo as well, before buying.

Don't forget, the event starts august 10th and make sure you remove some prims before tping in, as it will get crowdy. Be patient and enjoy shopping!

Your taxi for this Fair 

Avy Fhang
SHUSH owner

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[SHUSH] @ Vanity Fair!

This event starts july 28th but since I'll be on vacation and away from home, I decided to give you all a sneak peek of the exclusive MESH items you will find there :

First I have the Ruffle mini skirt coming in 5 standard sizing and available in multiple colors at only 99L

Second, I got you a Vacation Jumper all in mesh available in 7 different colors and standard sizing as well for 125L

Finally, the Sexy Leather Dress is my by far my favorite and it comes in 5 different colors for 125L piece. Standard sizing as well :)

So don't forget, the event doesn't start before july 28th !!

Avy Fhang

Monday, July 9, 2012

Seraphim turns One birthday Hunt!

If you find the little cute cupcake hidden in store, for 10L you get :

1) Stay Negative thank top with sculpted bottom
2) Ruffled mini skirt *Pink* Mesh
3) Tie black sculpted
4) Mesh bag purple

Blog link to Seraphim birthday hunt


Avy Fhang ♥

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Pink Ribbon Fair
in collaboration with Relay For Life of Second Life
♥Finding the cure starts with hope♥
August 4th to 25th, 2012

Sponsored by Seraphim

About The Pink Ribbon Fair

The Pink Ribbon Fair will starts August 4th to August 25th, 2012 (4 weeks). This Fair is a fashion charity event for breast cancer. ALL the earned profit will go directly to the American Cancer Society.

The theme of this event is PINK! Everything PINK! ALL designers items will have pink on it (Men are welcome!!)

What you will find in this fair ?
♥ Pink exclusive items from designers (100% profit to American Cancer Society)
♥ Hunt items hidden in the designers stores.
♥ Awareness information about breast cancer.

The 10 official sponsors of this event will be:
Holli Pocket
In The Pink
Mes Sucreries
Mon Chéri


You want more information ?

Pink Ribbon Fair Blog

Pink Ribbon Fair FlickR

Flair For Events Group:

Saturday, July 7, 2012


This new dress is available at the mainstore and at the One Voice movement sim, which join the effort of many designers on the grid to support Gala Phoenix (Owner of Curio skins) in her legal battle.

50% profits will go directly to Gala Phoenix.

Sim open at midnight july 9th and sales end july 15th.

Avy Fhang

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Releases, Whore Couture Fair

Hey Girls!
lots of updates in the name of [Shush]!
we are currently at the whore couture fair and sponsoring it as well! so be sure to find us there, we are located close to the landing point!
we got alot of new items so there will be a few posts ! but we have some exclusive items as well:D

Update 1) 2 WCF Exclusive Items

MESH Towel and Rubber Duckie (150L)
This is currently only in ONE mesh size
So please make sure you try the demo before buying.

Falling off Panties (69L)


Update 2) Oopsie Dress (125L)
This dress can be found in 8 colors.
(located at the WCF) 


 Update 3) Whoreish Top (99L)
This top can be found in 6 colors.
(located at the WCF)


 Update 4) Coquette Lingerie Dress (125L)
This dress can be found in 7 colors.
(located at the WCF) 


 Update 5) Bag of Shame (125L)
[Not yet pictured]
this item comes in 5 different colored leopard prints
(located at the WCF)


 Hope you enjoy!
 Need a TP?

The Whore Couture Fair

Shush Mainstore

Saturday, February 18, 2012

[Shush] @ Chic Event

 Back to Black Chic Event!
Running Feb 11 - 29 

[Shush] is currently participating in the Chic event for the month of February :)
this event is to bring mental health awareness :) 

Our Word:                            Endurance
Our Item:


Group Gift

Hey girls! group gift was sent out this week :D
its valentines day heart MESH leg warmers :D
comes with the legging but can also be worn without
hope you all enjoy and had a great valentines day :D:D

Saturday, February 4, 2012

[S] Vera dress MESH

Hey ladies! Shush is currently coming out with a line of MESH items and first up!
Vera Dress
this dress is classy yet sexy, with a huge option of colors :D
Only 150L !!
there is a demo available so be sure to get your hands on that to try this baby on!

&& if your not interested in moving, ill even post the links for marketplace ;)

[Shush] Mainstore

Dress Demo

Dresses on MP

Sunday, January 22, 2012

[Shush] @ Valentine Market !

Welcome all to the Valentine Market @ the Paradisis Sim!

 [Shush] is currently featured here in one of these adorable little huts, where you can find all your valentine needs :) We have all the perfect valentine colors, wither your going with the traditional red or pink, or angelic white.. or maybe you want to tone down the girl colors with some purple and blues :) We got you covered!

One of the main things we have at this market is our new lingerie, its called Sexy Valentine Lingerie and only 125L for a set! 

 colors available:

another new item that can *only* be found at the valentine market is the Valentine Nohm Gatcha!
only 10l per game and you can collect all 10 of these adorable heart candy mouth attachments :D

This market is running from January 22nd to February 15th, so get their while you can!

                     Need a Ride?
Valentine Market
[Shush] Main Store

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

FTLO Millennium..(Hunt)!

As all you hunters are probably familiar with, [Shush] is in the FTLO Millennium Hunt :D
This hunt starts tomorrow, January 5th, and items will be hidden in an existing item (so you really have to hunt!)
care to see what fabulous gift youll be getting from us?
welp, consider this a sneak peak ..

Happy Hunting :)

[Shush] LM

[S] Suki Skirt

Well Ladies, winter is upon us and the temperatures are dropping!
want to stay warm and still look great?
Check out our new Suki Skirt! Its available in 5 different colors/patterns and guaranteed to keep you hot ;)

Check out all these fabulous skirts [Here]