Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New releases @ Shush

This week the fact that spring is coming our way seems to have put me in a colorfull mood. For this reason, I released 3 new collections.

To begin, I'm glad to present the Mini skirt collection in 9 amazing colors just for you :

This picture gives you a preview of the assortment of colors you can find at my in-world store. The mini skirt also comes with the black tank top when you buy, only for 69L lindens. Check also for fat pack on this collection, giving you 20% rebate when you buy all colors.

See the fishnets in this picture ? I also released those in 14 bright and basic colors! Yes.

The fishnet set includes : Fishnet gloves with lace garnment, a pair of both legs fishnet stocking and one leg only stocking. (Gloves and stocking layer). Each set for only 49L, but of course you can also buy the fat pack in-world and get a 20% off rebate. Any color for the mood or style of the day. They match perfectly with the mini skirt and tank top and you can play with colors, no need to match them! Be original and use your creativity. That's what second life is for, right ?

Of course, for those who prefer jeans and pants or just wanna diversity the possibilities with the fishnet accessories, I released a collection of Circus jeans. Those jeans comes in 9 colors and are great to wear with the fishnets. Here 69L each pair and of course the eternal fat pack with 20% off saving. One leg and the other cut off for a maximum of skin and pleasure =D

Can you believe that I love spring time ? Because I do ! I hope you do as well.

Last week, I released the Army dress collection. I've been busy setting up the Fashion Freaks hunt and so I neglected to post here. But here it comes now!

Now who said Army dress wasn't synonymus with sexy ? What's great with this dress is that it comes in 10 different colors. This one showing in the picture is the classic army color, but you can be creative and, like me, be a pink addict! Or a bit darker and go for black, purple and red. It's up to you!

*Note that this dress is Letter of the Week promotion (march 21st - 28th, 2010). That means 50% off on any color you purchase at the mainstore. Hurry up =D

Other news :

I am working on the Fashion Freaks Hunt that will be held may 15th to june 15th. Tons of great stores already applied and I'm working on reviewing them. I promise tons of great free surprises and amazing shopping destinations discovery. If you wanna stay tune and get news from those fabulous stores, be a follower of the fashion freaks blog and get your Fashion Freaks tag by joining the group. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

*Note also that this group will give you information on new releases, bargains, free items you don't wanna miss and sales going on all over the grid.

Stay tune and remember : You are 2 awesome to Shush!

Avy Fhang
Shush's owner

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vintage dress @ .:Shush:. mainstore!

Hi everyone!

Big news this week at .:Shush:. First we put up a very nice mainstore. .:Shush:. is growing and it's all because of you.

We are working on a special event, the mainstore opening that should be held march 27th. Date is to be confirmed, but we plan on great surprises, free gifs and much more.

With all that, I kept busy with creating. I offer you this week the Vint@ge dress in four different colors :
Purple, pink (of course), green and baby blue.

This dress comes with sculpted bows and sculpted skirt. You can check the review on 2 monkeys sl blog :


Fat pack is also available at the mainstore.

As an other great release, the À la folie dress :

This dress is available in 8 different colors :
red, black, silver, purple, green, blue, soft pink and dark pink.

A little classic style and yet a little bit of crazyness to stay out of the ordinary. It also comes with black fishnets, because we all like them.

Fat pack available at the mainstore. (20% off).

Finally, I am proud to announce the beginning of a one week sale. The Amazing 50% sale propose great discounts on selected items in store (includes fat pack). Check it out, it ends march 27th!

Don't we all love great bargains ? I do! That's why I love sales and can't help but planning some. Here is the sign you need to check for the great deals. Where you see a S-A-L-E sign, you are sure to find a great bargain.

Shop shop shop! XD

It's all for this week my friends. More good stuff to come so stay tune and remember :

You are 2 awesome to .:Shush:.

Avy <3