Monday, June 28, 2010

Also out today!

Pairing perfectly with the brand new summer shirts, .:Shush:.'s Cargo pants are a great casual look for a lazy summer afternoon when ya just wanna be comfy! With three different looks to choose from, there's something to match whatever look you're going for! What a bargain for 150l!

New releases from .:Shush:.

.:Shush:. has ya covered this summer when it comes time to cool off! Brand new in the store today are two itty bitty tops that will help you deal with the summer heat!

The Little Summer top is so cute with spaghetti straps and a belly baring midriff! It's a steal at only 49l and oh my God it comes in a whopping 35- yes THIRTY-FIVE- colors!

The In the Wind top is another sexy look out now. You'll have minimal tan lines with this strapless number! It includes a cleavage prim to complete the effect even! It's available in 7 juicy colors and won't break the bank at only 69l!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One last fun thing!

Every great outfit needs great accessories and Avy's given us just that! What a cute keychain that will never get lost- it hangs from your hip so you'll never have to search for those keys again. The My Fav Key Chain is available in 16 colors, so there's sure to be one to match whatever outfit you've got on! Collect them all since they're only 69l each!

Even more comfort brand new in the store!

What's better than a pair of great fitting jeans that make your rear end and legs look absolutely amazing? I sure can't think of much that tops that! Haha Four brand new options available in store now. The comfort Jeans are going like hotcakes! Your choice of either light or dark denim and either skinny or large cuffs. They're also available in a ripped up version. All for only 99l a pair! I'm telling ya, once ya get into a pair, you won't wanna take them off!

Sexy summer comfort at .:Shush:.!

Summer's heating up and what's more perfect for those steamy nights than a great floaty skirt? You can just feel the breeze brushing by those bare legs, your Fluffy Skirt swirling around you. Mmmm... You'll feel even better knowing you paid only 99l for it too! And of course it's available in 8 colors. Swing by and pick one up today!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Other yummy releases!

Hehe Avy's helping us show off our naughty side with a very yummy lingerie set! With little bitty panties and a great push up bra, what more does a girl need to feel just down right sexy? Maybe knowing that she got the set for only 99l? Or that it comes in 8 great colors so she can wear a different set every day of the week and then for laundry day! hehe

Speaking of laundry day, what could be more relaxing while waiting on the wash, than lounging around in the Relaxing top that is transparent?! Comfy and oh so very sexy, what a way to tease that certain someone as you parade around the house with just this on! Available in all the juicy colors, it's again only 69l- so pick up a few!

Lots of new stuff at .:Shush:.!!!

Oh my my my! Avy has been working her little tail off just for yall! .:Shush:. has moved to a bigger and better location. There's lots more space for brand new releases like the ones that we've got here for you! Be sure to stop by and check out the gorgeous new building, not to mention all the hot little numbers that are sure to catch you eye.

First off is the Kiss me dress. And man! There will be pleeeenty of people wanting to do just that when they see you in this one! More than a little daring, this hot little dress shows off your best assets, whichever it may be. It's absolutely perfect for a night in the clubs, or maybe just to wow that certain special someone. Jaws will drop when they see you in this. They'll drop even more when they hear that you only paid 99l for it! It comes in 8 different colors so run now to get your favorite!

Also brand new in the store is the Relaxing tops series. In the mood to show a little belly? Or do you want full coverage with long sleeves? Maybe something in the middle with just a glimpse of belly and a three quarter length sleeve? Well, it's available whatever your mood! All versions are available in 8 colors and for the insane price of only 69l!