Friday, February 12, 2010

Alice in wonderland @Shush!

Alice in wonderland mania has touch me as well and to celebrate the release of the new movie I've decided to make a little dress inspired by Alice, but in a crazy and twisted way.

Alice dress by Shush :

This simple stripe dress has a satin look and can be wear as a casual outift or give it a more formal look with a simple necklace and some high heels. Either way, I'm totally in love with it XD Maybe I shouldn't say it since I made it, but if you see me around I'll probably have it on! I'm planning on making new versions real soon, but for now the stripes version is available at the store for 99L. It comes with multiple layers (you could match the top with something else) and with the prim skirt (if you mod it, it can make a nice shirt base too) XD. Gotta love mix and match!

Until next time my friends!

Avy Fhang
Shush's owner

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