Monday, June 28, 2010

Also out today!

Pairing perfectly with the brand new summer shirts, .:Shush:.'s Cargo pants are a great casual look for a lazy summer afternoon when ya just wanna be comfy! With three different looks to choose from, there's something to match whatever look you're going for! What a bargain for 150l!

New releases from .:Shush:.

.:Shush:. has ya covered this summer when it comes time to cool off! Brand new in the store today are two itty bitty tops that will help you deal with the summer heat!

The Little Summer top is so cute with spaghetti straps and a belly baring midriff! It's a steal at only 49l and oh my God it comes in a whopping 35- yes THIRTY-FIVE- colors!

The In the Wind top is another sexy look out now. You'll have minimal tan lines with this strapless number! It includes a cleavage prim to complete the effect even! It's available in 7 juicy colors and won't break the bank at only 69l!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One last fun thing!

Every great outfit needs great accessories and Avy's given us just that! What a cute keychain that will never get lost- it hangs from your hip so you'll never have to search for those keys again. The My Fav Key Chain is available in 16 colors, so there's sure to be one to match whatever outfit you've got on! Collect them all since they're only 69l each!

Even more comfort brand new in the store!

What's better than a pair of great fitting jeans that make your rear end and legs look absolutely amazing? I sure can't think of much that tops that! Haha Four brand new options available in store now. The comfort Jeans are going like hotcakes! Your choice of either light or dark denim and either skinny or large cuffs. They're also available in a ripped up version. All for only 99l a pair! I'm telling ya, once ya get into a pair, you won't wanna take them off!

Sexy summer comfort at .:Shush:.!

Summer's heating up and what's more perfect for those steamy nights than a great floaty skirt? You can just feel the breeze brushing by those bare legs, your Fluffy Skirt swirling around you. Mmmm... You'll feel even better knowing you paid only 99l for it too! And of course it's available in 8 colors. Swing by and pick one up today!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Other yummy releases!

Hehe Avy's helping us show off our naughty side with a very yummy lingerie set! With little bitty panties and a great push up bra, what more does a girl need to feel just down right sexy? Maybe knowing that she got the set for only 99l? Or that it comes in 8 great colors so she can wear a different set every day of the week and then for laundry day! hehe

Speaking of laundry day, what could be more relaxing while waiting on the wash, than lounging around in the Relaxing top that is transparent?! Comfy and oh so very sexy, what a way to tease that certain someone as you parade around the house with just this on! Available in all the juicy colors, it's again only 69l- so pick up a few!

Lots of new stuff at .:Shush:.!!!

Oh my my my! Avy has been working her little tail off just for yall! .:Shush:. has moved to a bigger and better location. There's lots more space for brand new releases like the ones that we've got here for you! Be sure to stop by and check out the gorgeous new building, not to mention all the hot little numbers that are sure to catch you eye.

First off is the Kiss me dress. And man! There will be pleeeenty of people wanting to do just that when they see you in this one! More than a little daring, this hot little dress shows off your best assets, whichever it may be. It's absolutely perfect for a night in the clubs, or maybe just to wow that certain special someone. Jaws will drop when they see you in this. They'll drop even more when they hear that you only paid 99l for it! It comes in 8 different colors so run now to get your favorite!

Also brand new in the store is the Relaxing tops series. In the mood to show a little belly? Or do you want full coverage with long sleeves? Maybe something in the middle with just a glimpse of belly and a three quarter length sleeve? Well, it's available whatever your mood! All versions are available in 8 colors and for the insane price of only 69l!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lots of smexy stuff at .:Shush:.!!

Avy's been working her rear end off this week! Soooo.. We've got some yummy, slightly naughty shirts available! With one side lifted, it's sure to do more than just tease! The Hook Up Shirts will inspire a little naughtiness in us all! The cloudy version is available in 11 different colors and the stripes version comes in 10. Of course you can pick them up in the store for only 69l!

Now what would go better with such a sexy top than a great set of bangles to accessorize with? With 8 different colors up for grabs, there's sure to be something to match whatever you pair it with! Again, only 69l!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh la la! Sexy stuff at .:Shush:.!

Brand new in the store is the U-Shush mini dress. Lots of flesh is revealed as only those naughty bits are covered! It's the ultimate in sexy for those daring enough to pull it off. It comes in 6 different colors and will only set ya back 99L. Hurry to get Yours now!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

New stuff this week at .:Shush:.!

Avy's been so busy with planning the Fashion Freaks Hunt that she needs to be reminded to breathe! That's not stopped her from making new stuff just for you though!

Brand new in the store is the oh so cute Butterfly outfit that's pictured here. Comfy casual and easy on the pocket book, it comes in 8 colors and will only set ya back 99L!

Also available now are the Flower Leggings- a must have for all of you who love a great retro look! These leggings come in 14 bright color combinations that are sure to catch someone's eye! What a bargain at only 79L! Jump on over to the store now and pick out your favorite pair!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

More summer hotness coming your way!

Those warm months are just around the corner and things will be hotter than ever in the bran new Open View Dress from .:Shush:.! Showing lots of legs and more than a dash of cleavage, these are sure to sizzle on those sultry summer night! Available in 8 mouth watering colors at only 99L each!
Also available are the Open View Tanks which come with panties and bras in black and white. Perfectly paired with shorts or a mini skirt for a casual day out, or wear them as is when just hanging around the house. How much hotter can it get?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Expose a lot and be the Envy of others!

The name says it all. Exposed! These curve hugging pants are uber sexy with a little flash of flesh in the back. Paired with the Crossing Boundaries shirt and fishnets, you're ready to go out clubbing. For an even more daring look, skip the shirt and wear the pasties alone! Available in 9 colors, what a bargain at only 99L!

Now all the other girls will be green with ENVY at not just your sense of style but your bargain hunting skills!

Speaking of Envy, that brings me to the other newest release! Talk about causing a stir! This outfit is sure to do it with the teasing revealed hips! Wear it paired with the cute punkish tshirt, or be a lil' naughty and wear it with only the colorful pasties! Also included are the sexy suspenders and the arm socks which match the pasties! Eight different colors available for 99L each, but hurry! It's available for only 48L until Sunday, April 11th! Grab a couple different colors at that price!

Brand new Summer dress!

In keeping with the warm weather feel, the new Summer dresses are perfect for those spring and summer outings. The short, flirty dress is perfect for cooling off as things heat up! It's available in 7 different juicy colors and is only 99L.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hot new releases for spring!

It's time to strip off those winter layers and show some skin! Start working on your tan now with the perfect outfit from .:Shush:. With a peekaboo butt and lots of leg, the new Mini mini skirt is perfect for those who are truly daring enough to flaunt what they've got! It's available in 12 different colors and won't break the bank at only 69L!

Paired with the Mini mini skirt here is the brand new Crossing Boundaries top continues with the skin expo! The strappy shirt leaves an open back to tease all those who stop to ogle! It's available in a whopping 26 color combinations, so there's sure to be one to fit whatever you need. At only 49L, pick up several!

New 1 piece swimwear!

It's starting to warm up and you know what that means! It's time to show some skin and relax in the sand. The new 1 piece swim suits are perfect for just that. With 16 different color combinations, there's surely something for everyone! Animalistic prints and flashes of cheeks make it a very daring and sultry suit to catch the eye of that certain someone you've been after. At 99l it's a steal but hurry and this weekend, April 10th and 11th, you can get it for just 60l!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New releases @ Shush

This week the fact that spring is coming our way seems to have put me in a colorfull mood. For this reason, I released 3 new collections.

To begin, I'm glad to present the Mini skirt collection in 9 amazing colors just for you :

This picture gives you a preview of the assortment of colors you can find at my in-world store. The mini skirt also comes with the black tank top when you buy, only for 69L lindens. Check also for fat pack on this collection, giving you 20% rebate when you buy all colors.

See the fishnets in this picture ? I also released those in 14 bright and basic colors! Yes.

The fishnet set includes : Fishnet gloves with lace garnment, a pair of both legs fishnet stocking and one leg only stocking. (Gloves and stocking layer). Each set for only 49L, but of course you can also buy the fat pack in-world and get a 20% off rebate. Any color for the mood or style of the day. They match perfectly with the mini skirt and tank top and you can play with colors, no need to match them! Be original and use your creativity. That's what second life is for, right ?

Of course, for those who prefer jeans and pants or just wanna diversity the possibilities with the fishnet accessories, I released a collection of Circus jeans. Those jeans comes in 9 colors and are great to wear with the fishnets. Here 69L each pair and of course the eternal fat pack with 20% off saving. One leg and the other cut off for a maximum of skin and pleasure =D

Can you believe that I love spring time ? Because I do ! I hope you do as well.

Last week, I released the Army dress collection. I've been busy setting up the Fashion Freaks hunt and so I neglected to post here. But here it comes now!

Now who said Army dress wasn't synonymus with sexy ? What's great with this dress is that it comes in 10 different colors. This one showing in the picture is the classic army color, but you can be creative and, like me, be a pink addict! Or a bit darker and go for black, purple and red. It's up to you!

*Note that this dress is Letter of the Week promotion (march 21st - 28th, 2010). That means 50% off on any color you purchase at the mainstore. Hurry up =D

Other news :

I am working on the Fashion Freaks Hunt that will be held may 15th to june 15th. Tons of great stores already applied and I'm working on reviewing them. I promise tons of great free surprises and amazing shopping destinations discovery. If you wanna stay tune and get news from those fabulous stores, be a follower of the fashion freaks blog and get your Fashion Freaks tag by joining the group. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

*Note also that this group will give you information on new releases, bargains, free items you don't wanna miss and sales going on all over the grid.

Stay tune and remember : You are 2 awesome to Shush!

Avy Fhang
Shush's owner

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vintage dress @ .:Shush:. mainstore!

Hi everyone!

Big news this week at .:Shush:. First we put up a very nice mainstore. .:Shush:. is growing and it's all because of you.

We are working on a special event, the mainstore opening that should be held march 27th. Date is to be confirmed, but we plan on great surprises, free gifs and much more.

With all that, I kept busy with creating. I offer you this week the Vint@ge dress in four different colors :
Purple, pink (of course), green and baby blue.

This dress comes with sculpted bows and sculpted skirt. You can check the review on 2 monkeys sl blog :

Fat pack is also available at the mainstore.

As an other great release, the À la folie dress :

This dress is available in 8 different colors :
red, black, silver, purple, green, blue, soft pink and dark pink.

A little classic style and yet a little bit of crazyness to stay out of the ordinary. It also comes with black fishnets, because we all like them.

Fat pack available at the mainstore. (20% off).

Finally, I am proud to announce the beginning of a one week sale. The Amazing 50% sale propose great discounts on selected items in store (includes fat pack). Check it out, it ends march 27th!

Don't we all love great bargains ? I do! That's why I love sales and can't help but planning some. Here is the sign you need to check for the great deals. Where you see a S-A-L-E sign, you are sure to find a great bargain.

Shop shop shop! XD

It's all for this week my friends. More good stuff to come so stay tune and remember :

You are 2 awesome to .:Shush:.

Avy <3

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My heart lingerie @ .:Shush:.

Finally! I was able to release the My heart lingerie collection :

Released a full collection of xtra ripped jeans and classic jeans in long and short versions :

2 colors available, one dark blue and one light blue. The dark blue comes with a black scuplted belt and the light blue comes with a silver sculpted belt. Each pair only 99L! Let's no

Match perfectly with the tank tops I released a moment ago. You can find the full display in any of my 3 locations.

Also, Hurry up to grab my free Funny dots dress!

Freebie available at my mainstore, for the Alexohol mall crawl hunt until february 28th. Will be available at a price to be determined after this date.

Stay tune my friends, for more great release and special offers from .:Shush:.

Avy Fhang
.:Shush:. owner

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My heart lingerie by .:Shush:.

I'm excited to present my very first lingerie collection :

My heart lingerie :

This cute set comes in different colors : Red, grey, lime, green, pink and purple. Top and bottom are sold seperately in store, so you can do mix and match. Sexy, yet very classy as well. This set is perfect to seduce your sl partner <3>

Hope you enjoy

Other news :

.:Shush:. opened a new store at sweet cyanide district mall. Very nice mall, that is opening february 18th. Worth to take a look! Check the blog for slurl to store!

.:Shush:. is also very proud to join the Alexohol fashion family. New little kiosk at their mall, right next to the tp point. Check slurl to store at Alexohol in blog! We also have a free items available at the mall, for Alexohol promotion mall wide hunt. No picture at the moment (After my photoshop decided to lose it, it's my sl that decided to play a dirty game XD) but I'll put it out as soon as possible.

Stay tune my friends!

Avy Fhang

Shush's owner

Friday, February 12, 2010

Alice in wonderland @Shush!

Alice in wonderland mania has touch me as well and to celebrate the release of the new movie I've decided to make a little dress inspired by Alice, but in a crazy and twisted way.

Alice dress by Shush :

This simple stripe dress has a satin look and can be wear as a casual outift or give it a more formal look with a simple necklace and some high heels. Either way, I'm totally in love with it XD Maybe I shouldn't say it since I made it, but if you see me around I'll probably have it on! I'm planning on making new versions real soon, but for now the stripes version is available at the store for 99L. It comes with multiple layers (you could match the top with something else) and with the prim skirt (if you mod it, it can make a nice shirt base too) XD. Gotta love mix and match!

Until next time my friends!

Avy Fhang
Shush's owner

Thursday, February 11, 2010

.:Shush:. Mainstore now open at starfish mall!

I'm glad to post my first blog here, with an exciting news! Shush mainstore is now open @ starfish mall and I'm really thrilled with the result. It's so far much fun to share my creations with you all. I'm having much fun and Shush store aim to present quality products at affortable prices (Almost all items in store are 99L or less!). I know that every lindens are precious and we all like to shop and have variety in our inventory.

Since it's valentine's day, I can let myself go and be all girlie! XD

To celebrate it, I have put some free goodies available when slapping the subscribe-o-matic right in the mainstore!

The Love hurts dress :

Available for free for a limites time only, this little simple dress comes also with a pair of red fishnet. You can also wear it as a shirt, with a nice and comfy pair of jeans or anything of your choice.
Talking about jeans, it's a basic we all need in our inventory and so I'm working on some pairs just for you. They will be available soon and I'll make sure to post pictures to share as soon as they are ready :)

Nohm nohm red heart :

This little accessory is also avaiable in my store for free by clicking the subscribe-o-matic. It's simple, but a cute add-on to match with any outfit. Of course, no one said hearts are only for valentine's day after all!

Nohm nohm XD

Fallen & classic tank top :

This one is such a classic, but with a little twist of orginality! Of course, we all need basics in our inventory and I myself had the hardest time to find some tank tops to do some mix and match with the items I already have. I thought that making some in different basic colors would be usefull not only for me but now for everyone! Only 69L, this cute fallen tank top can match with everything. Of course, if you want something more ''basic'', I also have a normal cut version available for the same price. They come in white, emerald, magenta and grey so far. You can all find them in the mainstore or on xstreet.

Now working on fatpacks, for those that think a couple of colors is always usefull. 20% off discount on buying all the four colors! They will be available in the mainstore really soon I promise.

Much more to come, because my head is already burning with new ideas for you all! I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy making them.

Until next time <3

Avy Fhang
Shush's owner